Women’s Clothing Trends

Women’s Clothing Trends

 Lambswool Coat

Sometimes the most popular women’s clothing isn’t flashy, but comfy. And boy does this lambswool coatlook and feel comfy! This is a great women’s clothing product to sell in the cold winter months. It’s one of the fastest growing women’s fashion clothes too.

This product has been purchased over 1200 times in the last 30 days. It comes in 9 colors from red to army green. It’s also available in sizes S to 3XL allowing you to sell these items to women of all sizes.

Want to bundle up more women in trendy clothes like this coat? Reach out to influencers on Instagram, such as fashion bloggers who have massive audiences. Offer them compensation to take a picture wearing your product and tag your brand in the post.

Customers will likely post comments like “I need this” or “I want this” in the post’s comment section.

Reply to their comments or send them a DM to let them know your store carries it in case they don’t automatically check your brand’s brand page. On the day the influencer posts about your dropshipping store, change the URL in your bio to that exact product page so that customers clicking your Instagram bio link find the exact product quickly.

Oversized Sweater

Women’s clothing like this oversized sweater proves that even practical sweaters can be considered trendy clothes. This long-sleeved pullover is oversized meaning that you can add extra layers underneath for the colder months.

It comes in five different fashionable colors including brown, red, beige, black and white. There have been hundreds of orders on this single sweater in the past 30 days, and thousands in the past six months.

The way to attract more customers to this oversized sweater is by creating ads on Instagram and Facebook. You’ll need to test out a variety of targeting options. Since you’re selling sweaters, you’ll likely want to target countries that are currently having colder, winter weather.

For example, in January, Canada and northern states have colder, harsher climates. However, a country like Australia is having their summer during the same month. Be sure to keep that in mind when marketing your products.


 Winter/Spring Coat

With the right coat, any woman can look chic with little effort. This thin coat may be used for winter or spring/autumn months depending on how cold it gets. For example, this isn’t the ideal coat for the traditional Canadian winter.

However, it may be just what you need during a spring or autumn day.

This coat, like many fashion items, is an impulse buy as you might search for the product but ultimately buy it based on its appearance. This coat comes in four different colors: black, brown, gray and dark gray. And has amassed nearly 1,000 orders over the past month proving its popularity.

Bundle up your customers with this chic coat by reaching out to influencers during peak coat season. For example, you might reach out to fashion bloggers with big Instagram followings.

Ask that influencer wear the coat, take pictures, share those pictures with their audience and then tag you. Like this, you’ll be able to attract some sales to your store.

If you’re looking to minimize your risk, you can offer an affiliate link instead of compensation, so that the influencer gets paid per sale. You’ll get more rejections from influencers this way. However, it lowers your overall risk as you only pay influencers when they bring you a sale.



Whether a woman’s just given birth or has put on a couple extra pounds, she may feel uncomfortable with the appearance of her stomach. As a result, she turns to a product like shapewear to help create a better figure.

Wearing shapewear underneath clothing helps tighten the appearance of your tummy and helps create a slimming silhouette. According to Google Trends, “shapewear” searches have been climbing for a couple of years now.

Direct women towards this shapewear by targeting Facebook ads towards women who are classified as “New Parents”. By doing this, you’ll find women who may feel self-conscious about their midsection after birth.

This can help them fit into their clothing without buying a new wardrobe or spending hours at the gym.

Ponytail Beanie Hat

Some fashion trends, like this ponytail beanie hat, come up so quickly that if you blink you may miss out on sales.

If you’re looking to find a clear-cut winning product, this beanie is the perfect item to stock. Unlike most beanies, this hat allows you to wear a ponytail with it – and this slight alteration results in big sales.

Peak season for this product will be in the winter months, so target this product towards customers in the southern hemisphere from May to August, and towards customers in the northern hemisphere from September onwards. This hat comes in 20 different colors so your customers will have plenty of options to choose from.

You can promote this beanie a number of ways. For example, you can create ads on Facebook and Instagram, as it’s an impulse product.

Another smart strategy would be to reach out to fashion bloggers and have them share the product on their blog or social media channels. Additionally, you can ask influencers to post product photos of them modeling the beanies so that customers can see what the beanie hat looks like when worn.

Color Block Top

One of the biggest women’s fashion trends of late 2018 and early 2019 is color blocking. This trend can be found in many garments, from t-shirts to sweaters to even jewelry. The design consists of blocks of colors or patterns within a piece of clothing as part of design.

The simplicity of color blocking makes it perfect for everyday wear.

Just take a quick look at this Google Trends data, which shows that search volume for “color block top” has been increasing steadily for the past five years. But remember, this fashion trend isn’t limited to sweaters so don’t forget to add other women’s clothing items that match this pattern.

Since this is a popular fashion trend, the easiest way to give it attention on your store is to create a category of trends in your website’s top navigation. Some retailers like Suzy Shier add a section called “Trends” which includes a list of the top trends of the current season. That way, if customers are looking to shop the latest trends they can see which collections you have.

The cool thing about this is that if customers love a specific trend like say color block, they may buy multiple products within the same style which will help you increase your average order value. Plus, over time, you might start ranking for the trend in search results since you’re constantly adding or removing products from within that collection.

Leather Jackets

With over 360,000 monthly searches for “leather jacket”, it’s pretty safe to say that this evergreen fashion trend is one that you can count on being popular in 2019 and years to come. For this section, we’re going to share two leather jacket styles that you can sell on your store in spring 2019.

This red leather jacket has had just over 100 sales in the past 30 days – a sure sign that people’s interest in this spring jacket is picking up. It also comes in four other colors: black, pink, sky blue and red giving your customers a pretty decent choice selection to choose from.

This motorcycle jacket is also another popular leather jacket to sell on your store. It’s had over 4200 sales in the past six months. It comes in a few different colors. Help your customers add an edge to their look by promoting these leather jackets on your store.

A great way to promote them would be to reach out to influencers. The jacket style is attention-grabbing, especially the vibrant red jacket.

If customers see influencers wearing the jacket, they’re more likely to envision themselves wearing it. You can create ads using the influencer’s photos, as long as you’ve got their permission, and you can use their influence to help sell more of them on your store.

You can also try working on an SEO strategy by creating content about leather jackets on your store’s blog. Keep in mind that you’ll need to devote a few months to this practice so be sure to start a few months before the spring and autumn seasons arrive.


Floral Spring Jacket

Nothing says spring and summer 2019 better than floral patterns taking over your wardrobe. Fortunately, there’s a never-ending selection of floral women’s clothing on Oberlo.

You can stock up your store with products like this floral spring jacket which has had over 100 orders in the past month or this floral skirt which also shows a lot of potential.

And of course, you can also sell floral dresses, bathing suits, and other women’s clothing items with a floral pattern. Google Trends shows that between March and July search volume is at its highest for the keyword “floral clothing” so that would be the best time of year to sell women’s clothing with floral patterns.

You can create Facebook and Instagram ads targeting women in their twenties and thirties to help promote your floral apparel. Create ads that lead directly to the product page of the product you’re selling (the one in your picture) so that customers can find the exact product with ease.

You might end up adding a floral section under a Trends collection for the spring and summer seasons that customers can browse as well. You could also add recommend products that feature a floral pattern for customers to see the other designs as well.


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